Forgotten Gods Series

Michael and I are currently seeking representation for our historical fantasy series. You can learn more about the real-life history and mythology that underpins the series here.

Book I: Forgotten Gods


Scotland, 1745. Faced with relentless land grabs, crushing taxes, and violent religious persecution, thousands of Scots have launched a rebellion to regain their sovereignty from the British Empire. They are led by the idealistic young heir to the Scottish throne, Charles Edward Stuart, who has won the trust of his Scottish citizens in spite of growing up in Rome.

Marian Cameron, a teenager with rare and dangerous psychic abilities, has followed her family to war out of a sense of duty and a desire for a future where she and her family do not live in fear. Robert Wardlaw-Maxwell, a quarry worker from the Scottish Borders, was a child during the last rebellion and knows he and his family will be killed if the rebellion fails.

When the rebellion is almost overwhelmed by the British army, Robert acts on a desperate idea. He summons the daoine sìdhe, supernatural creatures which once roamed Scotland and are now relegated by treaty to a magical realm beneath the ground. Charles Stuart greets the idea with enthusiasm, but does not fully understand what it means to rewrite the human treaty with the daoine sìdhe in exchange for help winning the rebellion.

Marian is given the enormous task of communicating with the daoine sìdhe using her abilities, and quickly finds herself in over her head. Success means a chance for Scotland to rebuild and take control of its own future. But failure could unleash supernatural chaos that no living human has ever faced.


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