S. B. Stewart-Laing
One half of the author team behind the Forgotten Gods series, S.B. is a statistician and certified science nerd. Originally from San Francisco, she currently lives in Seattle after an extended time in Scotland. S.B.’s family is of Scottish, Inuit, and AfroIndigenous Venezuelan; in addition to English, S.B. speaks Scots, Gaidhlig, Japanese, and Spanish.

Twitter: @sbstewartlaing
Tumblr: sbstewartlaing

Michael J. Chernicoff
Michael, the second half of the author team, left behind a PhD in theoretical physics to follow his real passion– teaching math and science. Originally from rural Pennsylvania, he lives, works, and runs roleplaying games in Boston. When he’s not inspiring his students, he cooks, enjoys craft beer, practices his Hebrew and his Icelandic, and volunteers with the local Jewish cultural center.

Jack the Greyhound
A rescued ex-racing greyhound from Ireland, Jack enjoys a life of ease as an American citizen and (U.K.-certified) service animal with S.B.


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