People’s Climate March


Once again, this blog is going into temporary soap box mode to discuss what is perhaps the most urgent issue facing the human species.

Climate change

Tomorrow, thousands will march to demand that governments and corporations around the world dismantle the fossil fuel infrastructure that is killing our planet. Please join us. If you cannot be there in person, please spread this message:

  • We have a decade to get our act together before global warming hits the point of no return and sends the planet on a trajectory to being uninhabitable.
  • Climate change disproportionately harms our most vulnerable populations, both in the USA and worldwide. Climate change is a human rights issue too!
  • Extreme weather caused by climate change kills hundreds of thousands of people each year and costs billions of dollars that could be spent on things like schools or public health.

So what can you do? 

  • Check that you’re reducing your own carbon footprint as much as is possible in your situation. (Sadly, not all of these tips are accessible for everyone).
  • Encourage your city to divest from fossil fuels
  • Write, call or email your government representatives. Do all three. Throw a protest outside their office– or even their house– to demand they support renewable energy and climate solutions.
  • Lobby your local electrical company to switch to renewable energy. It’s actually cheaper in the long run for consumers and the power companies.
  • Remove your money from banks that invest in fossil fuels, and put it in a credit union. If you have investment accounts, make your portfolio environmentally responsible.
  • Support Indigenous groups throughout the Americas in our fight against fossil fuel projects, particularly oil pipelines.
  • Support anti-fracking activists around the world.
  • Join a direct action in your area
  • Switch your default search engine to Ecosia and help plant trees

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