Diverse Media Roundup #1

I’m 110% of team #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #WeNeedDiverseMedia, so here’s my quick takes on movies, books, and TV I’ve been consuming. Recommendations for future roundups are very welcome.

Cleverman (TV series, live action, adult)
The story is set in a near-future dystopian Australia, where humans have made contact with Aboriginal mythological creatures called the Hairy People. One main character is an Aboriginal community leader fighting for Hairy People rights; the other has just been chosen (for mysterious reasons) as his peoples’ new Cleverman, a spiritual leader who negotiates conflicts between humans and the Dreamtime (the Aboriginal paranormal world).
Available on Netflix.

Moonlight (Movie,adult) 
Just go watch it. It’s gorgeous. Bring Kleenex.
Available on Amazon.

LegendQuest/ Las Leyendas (TV series, cartoon, children)
A psychic boy from a rural Mexican village is flung into an adventure when supernatural creatures attack his town and suck it into another dimension. There’s lots of world mythology,  football jokes, and a fun, loose art style. Although some Mexican characters are coded as Indigenous or European, the show could do a bit better on the diversity front, especially within the Mexican settings.
Available on Netflix.

Samurai Jack (TV series, cartoon, all ages)
For anyone nostalgic for Samurai Jack, the series returned last Saturday via Adult Swim. In spite of its surrealist bent, it showcases a variety of cultures with both respect and enthusiasm. Available online.


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